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One of the most underrated qualities is simplicity. This Muse Grandeur honors simplicity and brings out the best in your personality.

Your watch. Your presets.

Experience the luxury of control

The Muse Hybrid Smartwatch lets you customize your watch buttons to effortlessly control your life from your watch.

Control Music

Control Camera

Find Phone

Snooze Calls

Stay Connected with

Smart Notifications

Get notified easily when you get a call, message, email or when you are exposed to high UV radiation by the unique notification dial. Customize and filter your notifications the way you want.

Call Alerts

UV alerts

Email Alerts

Forgot phone

Activity Tracking

Track your activity and sleep patterns to hit your health goals. Stay on track with Muse Health, your AI personal health assistant that learns your habits and works to keep you motivated.

Activity Tracking

Sleep Tracking

Makes your life Hassle-free with

1-year Battery life

Muse watches come with a battery life of up to 12 months. You can enjoy all the smart features and do not need to charge it everyday. You can easily replace it's CR2430 Li-ion battery and it runs for another 12 months.

Interchangeable Straps- Customize your Muse to match your style with  our quick release interchangeable straps.

Automatic Timezones- Muse Hybrid automatically updates to your current date and time when traveling to a different timezone.

Secondary Timezones- You can set and check a different timezone on your Muse just with a push of a button.

Smart Alarm- Set your wake up time and Muse will analyze your sleep to wake you up in the right time window according to your sleep pattern.

Set Goals- Set your daily goals for different activities and Muse AI will help you keep track of all your goals and achieve them.

Learn basics and tips with a

Special Session

You can opt for an online session with our specialist. As soon as your watch is shipped, we will send you an invite to book for an interactive session.

1-year Warranty

Your Muse watch is covered with 1-year warranty. We make sure that you have a hassle-free experience in servicing your watch within the warranty period and beyond.