Muse Health: A holistic health and wellness coaching and monitoring App.

Design a healthy lifestyle with Muse Health, which helps you to track and monitor your sleep, calories burned, weight, nutrition, heart rate and more. Whether your aim is to lose weight or gain muscle or just to eat healthy, Muse Smart Coach is at your service to give you insights and exclusive action plans based on your current health grade and the target you want to achieve. Muse Health also keeps a detailed record of your health data to check trends and your lifestyle progress.

Muse Health is a complete package, for guidance and support on every aspect of your health and wellness.

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Assess your health

Know yourself

Virtual Assessments

Get a 360 degree view of your current lifestyle, on all your health aspects like fitness, sleep, weight, nutrition, heart rate, mental and more, by taking simple virtual assessments. Once you complete this assessment, you will know how to start your fitness journey with Muse Health Coach. This health and fitness profile on Muse shows which habits affect your health in a positive and negative way.


Better improve your health over time by making changes in your lifestyle, through guided actions and tips suggested by the Muse health App. Muse health tailors the tips and actions based on your Assessments and health data.


Challenge yourself

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Actions always speaks louder

Now that we have your complete health profile, it’s time to move on to Actions. Choose your target as to weight loss, stay active , healthy eating, personalised workouts and more and set off your fitness stroll. With Muse you can set your daily goals, plan your route map, get daily feedback and suggestions.

Muse Coach: Your partner in crime

Your Muse coach is going to run a tight ship on your goals. Muse coach will give you daily calorie recommendations, Macro nutrient analysis, steps and exercise recommendations, Meal quality and many more effective suggestions to help with your target. To make it even better, Muse brings you with Stories of your most impressive highlights of your lifestyle routine to your notice.

Learn Mode

In this mode, you will get a complete detailed explanation on every activity included in the plan. How to correctly do a particular activity, Why you need to do it , how you will benefit from the activity. The actions arms you with knowledge, structured plan, personalisation and a motivational voice to help you succeed.

Activate your inner fitness freak

Track Activity

Track your activity and get challenged to do more - Track you step count with your phone in the Muse health app or with a Muse watch. You can also connect and fetch data from Apple health or Google fit.

Stay on Track

Check daily progress on your activity goals to get insights and keep yourself motivated. You can also log and track activities like cycling , swimming and many others with your Muse health app.


Sleep Analysis

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Experience a sound and tight sleep while Muse health app or Muse watch studies your sleep cycle through your phone. Know what happened when you were asleep, your heart rate, get details on the time you were actually asleep to disrupted sleep and how many times you woke up in the middle.

Sleep Diary

Maintain your sleep diary in app to see how well your sleeping and what factors are affecting your sleep. Get insights and tips for a better and improved sleep to feel well rested and improve long term health.

Smart Wake up

With your Muse watch, wake up at the most optimal time in your sleep so that you are refreshed and alert to get on with your day. No more waking up drowsy and lethargic .

Weight and Nutrition

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Be the change

Did you know that people who measure their weight daily, lose weight faster than the others. Habit of monitoring your weight daily is a powerful motivator to lose weight and eat healthy. Checking weight daily increases your self-awareness and your weight and weight related behaviours. Weighing yourself first thing in the morning is usually best.

Eat healthy

Monitor your daily calories intake in line with your weight goal by logging all your food intake through the Muse health app. Find calories and nutritional information for over 700,000 + dishes from our library.


Heart Analysis

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Resting Heart Rate

Check your RHR first thing every morning through your Muse health App. RHR gives insights into how healthy as well as how rested your sleep was.

Record your health data

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The Muse health app makes it simple to store all your health and fitness data and sort through it with ease. The interactive graphs lets you see the trends over time, see how they have changed over the week, month or year.


An Open Letter To The World - COVID-19:

This Is What We Are Doing and What We Are Thinking

We are in a new, unexplored phase of our lives. As it gets difficult day-by-day, we should understand that we are now part of something bigger and phenomenal. This is a critical time when humanity is tested and trust and care are the most important medicines to survive this pandemic.

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