Dear readers,

By now, we all know that the new buzzword on the street is COVID-19. The sad reality is that our fears are spreading way faster than the actual illness. Amidst of everything that’s happening around us, our concern is to make sure our employees, customers and vendors are safe and sound. We feel great responsibility to help our community and we have sincere gratitude to each and every doctor, nurse and the rest of the medical team working overtime during this condition all over the world. Here we would like to share our latest updates during this ongoing global crisis:


Our employees are the powerhouse of the business and therefore their safety is our utmost priority now. We are practising remote working till the situation cools down and till we have official confirmation from the state board that it's safe to commute. We confirmed if everyone’s contact details and emergency contact details are up-to-date in our systems. For any travel or meetings that are lined up, we are considering if it can be held remotely instead. We are also updating everyone in the organisation with the latest coronavirus advice from the Central/State Government. Just like our employees, their families also matter to us hence if an employee needs some time off work to look after someone, we are providing them full support from our side.


Since 2016 our vision has been to keep our customers happy. To continue this objective, we are fully functioning our online shopping services and our stocks are in place. We are still taking orders and will continue to deliver them. So apart from Muse Hybrid Smartwatches, we have started selling a COVID19 Essentials Kit on our website. As most of the stores are running out of the basic Covid necessities, in order to bridge this gap, Muse has decided to start delivering an essentials kit which will include  face masks, sanitizers, wipes, thermometer and gloves. This way we meet the requirements of our community and keep them safe. To know more about our Covid19 Essential Kit click here.

Our thoughts?

Like mentioned earlier, fear is spreading more violently than the illness hence we would like to take this occasion to spread positivity and some food for thought.

Yes, the current situation is a challenge; but it is also an opportunity, an opportunity to understand how deeply we humans are connected which is why practising ‘social distancing’ has been a trouble for most of us. We can take this time off to be closer  to our family and spend quality time with them. We all deserve some time for personal care like picking a new hobby, finishing that book you were reading or even trying to do some yoga. Our lives are not going to be the same again once this settles down. We are not going to take things for granted. We will have second thoughts on travelling somewhere, as working remotely will become far more common, aided by better technology. The public health systems will look for more advanced medical measures to face such threats, hospitals will be exceptionally improved.

Let's look back at what Robert Frost quoted in his Ode, ‘If winter comes, can spring be far behind?’. So why not think there can be a positive impact on our lives and the economy after this crisis.


PS: remember that our most important weapon during times of panic and crisis is our mindset.