Muse Hybrid Smartwatch is for all

Muse Hybrid Smartwatch is for people from all walks of life. Here’s how:

For all the office goers in the world, Muse Hybrid Smartwatch is perfectly suitable. It brings you features like snoozing notifications while working on something important. Now you don’t have to worry about adjusting the time every time you travel to another time zone. Muse Hybrid Smartwatch would do that automatically for you. And enjoy contactless transactions on the go.

With the Features like Access control and the IFTTT, you can turn your watch into an access card and configure a button to integrate with IFTTT platform.


Muse Hybrid Smartwatch is a great companion for your travels. Features like UV Tracking that protects you from harmful sun rays, Automatic Time Zone Update on your watch and Camera Control for taking hands-free photos would truly enhance your travel experiences.

Activity tracking of the watch would keep you on track with your fitness goals while you’re traveling and with the battery life on one whole year, you don’t have to worry about charging at all.

Fitness and Wellness Enthusiasts

Activity and Sleep Tracking are the most valuable features that the Muse Hybrid Smartwatch has for the Health and Fitness enthusiasts. But there’s more. Our Muse App has the fitness and nutrition AIwould derive meaning from the data collected by the watch and provide would personalized coaching and suggestions. This is would make achieving your fitness goals quite efficient.

Enjoy the controlling the music with the Muse Hybrid Smartwatch while working out, so that you don’t have to take your phone out. And with the UV sensor, you’d know when to get under the shade to protect your skin.


The ‘Hybrid’ of the Muse Hybrid Smartwatch brings you the looks of a stunning analog watch which would catch the eye of everyone around you. The smooth sapphire coated glass, the luxurious leather strap, the sunray dial, the intricate indices, and more such features would certainly make a fashion statement for you.

We have 2 collections of Muse Hybrid Smartwatch:

Muse Grandeur

Muse Grandeur Collection comes with a premium multi-layered dial, rounded hands and a sapphire coated mineral glass. We have 9 designs as a part of this collection.

Muse Minimo

Muse Minimo Collection comes with a minimal single-layered dial, with straight flat hands and mineral glassWe have 7 designs as a part of this collection.

Here the link to know more about these collections.

Watch enthusiasts

As someone who loves watches, I’m sure the Hybrid Smartwatch is something that would fascinate you. A watch that looks just like a normal watch, but it contains 21 smart features is the next revolution in the watch industry.

This fusion of the traditional horology and the modern technology brought to you by Muse Wearables would lead to a whole new era of the watch and tech industry. And the affordable price of the Muse Hybrid Smartwatch has already caused a lot of buzz.


A game related to a watch?

Yes, it is happening and it’s an absolutely immersive experience. We have created an online strategy game which runs on the steps you’ve taken and the fitness goals you’ve met. So whenever you reach your fitness goals the game rewards you with in-game rewards that you can use to play the game.

Have a look:



Now that you’ve seen that Muse Hybrid Smartwatch is for all, grab it here.